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At canaryProject, our team of interior decorators and interior designers studies your house or premises in order to make of them “a unique and different place to live that will not leave your guests indifferent”.


Door-to-Door Professional Advice 

Our Door-to-door Professional Advice service on interior design has specialists in interior design who will conduct a visit at your home, whenever is most convenient for you, morning or afternoon, even on Saturdays.

The aim of this service is to solve all your doubts and advise you on everything you need. It will provide you with some solutions and ideas of design, distribution and decoration.

It is about providing decorative ideas with professional help without the need for an interior design project.


The door-to-door professional advice includes:


A visit to your home by our interior decorator on the date and time you wish with a general advice of:

Effective use of the space.

Colours that make your home larger and brighter.

Enhance the current placement of existing furniture.

Decorative objects that help you to breathe a new life into your home.

Implementation of floor plans with existing distribution (one option), 3D in not included.


Complete interior design project for the comprehensive renovation of your home or business

We are looking for the best fit between functionality, needs and aesthetic. Generate the best space. We define the complete project so that the works will implement correctly. It includes basic and executive plans, materials and finishes definition and works monitoring. It is split into different stages:


Preliminary Draft / Core Project / Executive Project / Works


In the Interior Design Projects we offer to our customers are included the following.

Spatial organization study according to the functional requirements and the client needs program.

Implementation of diagrams and floor plans, elevation, sections, perspectives and  computer graphics of every area of your home, premises, office, etc.

Presentation of these diagrams and plans through a projection explained in detail by one of our technicians.

Study of the most appropriate materials. Floors, ceilings, casts, paints, laminates, wood, glass, fabrics, lighting in general, special fixtures, furniture, curtains, indoor  and outdoor garden, etc.


Study of the facilities’ state:

Review of the electrical project, it implies a review of the electricity connection, electricity distribution line, electrical panel, mechanisms and lighting in general.

Air conditioning project.

Heating project.

Plumbing project.


Interior Design project to renovate partially your home or business

For changing or updating  a particular area of your home or business. If you need a new kitchen bathroom or working space. We are looking for the best fit in your current home. Although it was just a small space it will be in need of specific technical and aesthetic documents in order to achieve the best end result possible. It includes basic and executive plans, definition of materials and finishings, and monitoring of the work.


Buildings Renovation

The buildings renovation is highly specialized side of the construction that requires the knowledge and use of no end materials, equipments and technics.

We have a wide experience both in interior renovation and restoring and in facades comprehensive treatment, using traditional and latest generation technics.


We offer refurbishment, renovation and restoring services of:

Interiors and common areas of buildings.




Works resulting from The Technical Building Inspection.

We have our own skilled staff, mechanical and traditional means and suitable materials to each situation. We are particularly committed to property and own’s associations manager by providing them a special prize for every work done.



Proposals dossier on a space of your home or business. Without taking too many actions you can turn a space into something different, current and unique. A meeting is conducted in situ and a further presentation of proposals including sketches and relevant indications with information on industrialists and furniture stores. We provide advice in the distribution, lighting, colors and finishings of paints, textile and furniture.


Turn-Key Interior Design Project

We are seeking the balance between functionality, needs and aesthetic. We define the entire project for the effective implementation of the work. It includes basic and executive plans, materials and finishings definition and monitoring of the work. It is split into different stages:


Preliminary Draft I Basic Project  | Executive Project | Work


In the Turn-key Interior Design Projects we offer to our clients, it is included:


Preliminary Draft  

Visite to the house and collect some details.

Explanatory   report of the project and tendencies manual.

Distribution plan and interior area design.

Costs of the architecture or interior design fees ( as appropriate in each case) and of the guide price of the physical implementation.


Basic Project

3D views.

Furnishing plan.

Furniture data sheet containing the description of the product.

Decorative elements sheet.

Floor plan, elevation and sections.

Measurements and building specifications.


Implementation Project

Location plan.

Plans of uses and circulations.

Plans of furniture details and specific elements.

Electricity and lighting plan.

Plumbing and sanitation plan.

Anticipation of fire proofing measures plan ( as appropriate )

Materials and finishings choice.


Project Management


Home Staging

Home Staging is the art of renovating houses for sale or rent. The system born in USA in 1970, is a sales and rental technic that spread quickly for countries such as England,  Canada and Australia in the nineties. Home Staging is developing in the latest years in Spain as a result of the housing crisis that we are going through.

Home Staging is based on the premise that between two houses of the same type, location and price, the purchaser will always choose the one that is much better refurbished, considering that the purchaser.

Wants to purchase the best house possible at the best price.

Is not always capable to see the real potential of a house.

Is not only purchasing a house, but also a dream.

Takes the decision of assessing the possibility of buying or not as soon as you get into a house.

We offer this service because it works… Studies carried out in other countries where home staging is developed, show much quicker sales and require less discussions at the time of selling the house. Because the experience shows that if there is no house sold, it is not just about the bank’s responsibility.

Nowadays, causes have changed, and a purchaser can choose between a number of houses. Home staging is addressed to all those who understand that a property for sale is a product and there are no products that are sold for themselves.