In canaryProject, our team of architects and technical architects work for you, providing the following services:


Drafting and planning of New Work Project

Drafting of preliminary projects, basic projects and the execution of any kind of building and urbanism, as well as the corresponding planning.

Integral Project of new work for your house. It includes all the documentation you need for the house’s construction development until the project delivery. Executive Project, visas, licences and project management.

Processing of the documentation required for the production and development of the urban planning.

It includes Technic Project, visas and licences.

The fees correspond to a % of construction budget.


Drafting of Project of Integral Architectural Renovation

Comprehensive renovation of housing or work area. Renovation in which the structural elements are damaged and a technical project is needed. We carry out the whole project and prepare the documentation required for the implementation of the work.

Monitoring of the work, licences and visas. It includes: Executive project, visas, licences and implementation of the work.

The fees correspond to a % of construction budget.


Work Management

Study and monitoring of the different building processes involved in the execution of any building work and urbanism. Ex ante controls, documents processing, economic surveillance, quality controls, different technical solutions, etc.


Health and Safety

Drawing up of the documentation and control during the process of work with regard to health and safety according to the current regulations: Preparation of Health and Safety studies, Design of safety plans, organization and implementation at the draft stage, acceptance of plans, etc.


Opening Licences 

Drawing up and management of the necessary documents for the running and the opening of all those premises that need it in accordance with the municipal ordinances.



Cooperations in projects in the capacity of technical advisers, including the preparation of the required documentation.


Others Services

Expert reports, Topographic Surveys, Valuations, Certifications, etc.