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In canaryProject, we are dedicated to the graphical realization of our customer’s projects

by using 3D graphic designs and animation tools.


We work in sectors such as the architecture, the engineering, the sculpture or the advertising. We offer all sorts of static, photo-realistic or conceptual images. We also offer virtual animations according to each customer needs. In addition, we conduct trainings explaining each of the tools we work with.

We can help you introduce your architectural project, your product, collaborate on images for contests, or just teach you the way of getting the images by yourself.


For any sector where you work, we can offer you:


Renders Architecture – Photorealist images through the use of high technology software, both external and internal, based on the plans provided by our customers. We have a broad library of furniture and materials that helps us to get images of the highest quality.

Conceptual 3D Images

BIM Virtual Tour –  We also offer the virtual tours service consisting of animated videos in which the customers will be able to experience the sense of going through each ambiance or place as if you really were there.

Renders 360°  For Both architecture and products, we offer interactive renders, in which the customer will be able to view their product or 360º ambiance, by using the mouse only.

3D Elaboration Course

Collaborations in your 2D / 3D projects  Both externally, from our studio, keeping in touch by phone or email, and internally, working side by side on your project with you and your staff, at your own office or studio.