In canaryProject, our team of landscapers study your outdoor areas and garden in order to turn them into space integrated with your house’s architecture and interior design.

Our landscaping, gardening and garden decoration studio develops everything related to landscaping, design, construction, implementation and garden decoration, being involved from the creation of the design at the studio to the delivery and subsequent monitoring of the gardens and landscapes.

In canaryProject we also carry out gardening and landscaping projects, may be the developer or the owner is the one to handle its implementation.


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Landscaping, or landscape architecture, is the art of projecting the outdoor areas, this includes vegetal elements, mineral elements and others. On landscaping, house itself and its interior design is just another element of the landscape, and it must be fully integrated in the whole of design.

Within this concept, any dimension of the space to build and any place is included; from a small terrace to the landscape planning at regional or territorial level.

Landscaper needs to have highly technical skills, that are acquired through the study and above all the practice of the profession and over time, but also, a good landscaper must have  innately highly artistic and creative ability that makes him an artist of the landscape architecture.


Gardens Design 

Our team has extensive experience from over 30 years, and a multitude of projects implemented within the world of landscape, professional gardening, the design and the implementation of both comprehensive projects for newly created gardens and the already existing gardens’ redesign and decoration so as to give them a new life projection.

We integrate all the necessary works into designing gardening and landscaping, even if they are higher or lower scale; pools, lakes, fountains, ponds and water movements in general , pergolas and arbors, trails, roads and highways, land and rocks moving, vegetal species…any element that is included within the design of the landscaping project or garden.


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To know more about this project and others click on the photo ...


Gardens Construction 

Our working team is multidisciplinary, compromises technician, gardeners, engineers, landscapers, architects and garden decorators, who develop and implement the gardening and landscaping projects considering all aspects of it and the complete integration with the architecture and interior design.

We carry out our gardens and landscapes projects from its previous sketches to the delivery of the completed garden to the owner, having all the necessary means and professions for it; gardeners and machinery, builders, craftsmen who build dry stone walls, plumbers, electricians… They all are organized by our landscaping team.


Gardens Maintenance

Once the garden has been finished, our technicians, if the owner so decides, may regularly monitor it so as to obtain a proper preservation and development of the garden in the best possible conditions and during all seasons of the year.


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