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In canaryProject we assume the comprehensive reform of your home or your business place. We listen to your needs , because it is your project, and you take an essential part in the development process of it.  For this reason, our design team will listen to and will find the optimal solution to any eventuality that may arise.

Once we have developed the project , in all its typologies, architecture, interior design, landscaping… and based on the state of the measurements developed in the project itself,  the professionals of all of the gilds involved, civil engineering, wood carpentry, aluminium carpentry, installations, facilities, get down to work to get the best price ensuring the qualities and the expected final result. It comes to determining the global price of the work, which is necessary above all for the comprehensive reforms.

It is very important to be clear about what finishings we want to get: kind of floors, bathroom fittings, kitchen furniture, domestic appliances… since the budgets we can get depend on it. It is just at that moment, when we must make our first big decision. If the budget is aligned with our expectation, everything will be perfect, but, if it is not? Then we will have two possibilities, the first is to align the materials and the finishings with the budget forecast, and the second is to organise a suitable schedule of work that allows to carry out the whole of work at different stages so that we will be able to develop the whole project within a specified period without allocating excessive resources to repeat the work at one stage or another.



Once we get the comprehensive reform budget completed and closed, it will be the time to sign a construction contract, which is an essential tool to minimize the arguments or misunderstandings that may emerge during the construction work and that can mean a  non-budgeted  works, that moreover are essential on rehabilitation works of old houses, in which the emergence of unbudgeted items is more common because of the hidden defects.

The fear of asking the building permits is due to the lack of knowledge. Most of building works require permits that are extremely simple to process and our architects or interior designers will undertake all necessary licenses. The licenses are neither very expensive, nor complex and, instead, getting the permits hung on the door is the quickest way to avoid the possible complaints from neighbours.



It is very important to be patient when the time to start works comes. Not everything may be done in a hurry: good planning the project, the qualities and everything else, take time. It must also be patient when unforeseen needs arise, because they are common, specially the older the house is, however all those details that the integration of the work with the reform that is running need will be settled from the construction project. Although most of those extras are difficult to forecast at the beginning, our professionals will come up with the suitable solution.