“…a correct organization and planning allow us to optimize time and budget variables efficiently, which together with a permanent control of the building site, guarantees the quality of the final details and the strict execution of the original idea…”

canaryProject in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with more than 20 years of experience in business,  specializing in different fields, such as Architecture, Urbanism, Interior design, Turnkey projects…



canaryProject has developed projects related to almost all areas of architecture, being our specialities the following:


Residential Architecture

canaryProject has developed numerous projects of housings and collective buildings, being responsible for the whole design and the supervision of works. The full burden of experience in the resolution of details melts into the development phase of the new projects in order to keep the studio in continuous research and implementation.



Experience dealing with all kinds of projects related to urbanism. Without reaching high standards, the studio has successfully developed small partial plans, management and development of various conventions which separate from the architecture field to mingle with urban areas.


Interior design

Countless clients trust canaryProject to develop their interior design projects,  the studio is in charge of streamlining and fully exploiting the possibilities for using of housing and other uses.



The canaryProject team has executed many projects of refurbishment and comprehensive reform from the first development phase of the business concept to the registered trademark  and  corporate image creation.



canaryProjectTurnkeyis a concept oriented to the clients who trust the professionalism and the capacity of our team.

In projects of this kind, our studio is in charge of the management and coordination of all the actors involved in the building process of the work by engaging in terms of times and finishings responsibly.

We have industrialists of all trades with experience who allow us to ensure excellent quality works and after-sales guarantees after completion.