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Johanson I Residential Building

It is about a Residential Building in Arguineguín, South of Gran Canaria. The privileged location makes it one of the best locations that we can find in the island and certainly , the best urban option on the seafront across the island.

By the time we were asked to work on this project, it took into consideration these features so as to achieve an outcome to live up to the promoter’s expectations, in which the investment budget moved to a second level as long as the result was just he was dreaming. It was a business, but above all, it was an exciting project…

From the first lines, the connection was total, the only thing missing was to bring it to fruition…

Being a renovation work, we had to solve the multitud of difficulties that arose, and the fit required an exhaustive Work Management with all the contracts working hand-in-hand with a special energy… it was about a singular project that they were not used to, and that for many people, it became immediately their star project.


Details of lateral façade

The indoor and outdoor connection was absolute…

The kitchen, fully equipped, enjoys the best views from any location

…and the world opens at our feet

All spaces distill luxury and elegance

The indoor and outdoor connection was absolute… and the final result is reflected in the report…